Below the proportion of US corn rated in “good” or “excellent” condition, as per the USDA’s weekly assessment.

Investors had expected a 70% figure, according to a Reuters poll.

This was the first reading of the season

State Percent of crop rated good or excellent
Change on last reading
Colorado 63 n/a
Illinois 72 n/a
Indiana 71 n/a
Iowa 73 n/a
Kansas 64 n/a
Kentucky 69 n/a
Michigan 76 n/a
Minnesota 78 n/a
Missouri 66 n/a
Nebraska 80 n/a
North Carolina 81 n/a
North Dakota 81 n/a
Ohio 84 n/a
Pennsylvania 100 n/a
South Dakota 82 n/a
Tennessee 66 n/a
Texas 63 n/a
Wisconsin 70 n/a
18 states 75 n/a
Source: USDA. Condition data in percent. Change on week data in percentage points.