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Agricultural commodity markets have never been more important.

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Agricultural commodity markets have never been more important.

A growing world population, in both numerical and prosperity terms, is swelling the demand for food at a time when farmers face big challenges in their ability to match it in production growth.



The agriculture industry is squaring up to the distortion of seasonal patterns, and enhanced weather volatility, wrought by climate change at the same time as the growing appreciation of the importance environmental and sustainability goals is forcing a rethink of farming practices.

This when political tensions, such those between China and the US and Russia and the West, have been disrupting trade and logistical norms too.

Such factors have enhanced ag market volatility, and placed a premium on the specialist knowledge needed to negotiate the instability.

GrainPriceNews offers that expertise. It is edited by Mike Verdin, an award-winning journalist whose career spans the likes of the BBC, Financial Times, and The Times, and who previously founded Agrimoney, itself award winning for its financial/business coverage.

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